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In Memoriam

Albany High School Class of 1962

Missing Classmates

We do not have contact information for the following classmates:

Bill Alameda
Norman Angell
Jim Bates
Janet Betten (Krieger)
Gary Bingham
Michael Buncich
Charles Byouk
John Casey Jr.
Faith Collins
Cheryl Cullup (Rosson)
Phyllis Daley
Diane Dean (Kemper)
Connie Foley (Lehman)
James Fullmer
Jim Gakel

Suzanne Griffin (Bryant)
Nancy Hadsell (Iacono)
Carolyn Hilker (Binger)
Russell Johnson
Patricia Kalin (Hendricks)
Martin Lara
Diane Liotta (DeMarco)
John Littleton
Helen Mourgas (Ehmcke)
John McCracken
Charlene McKeown(Carlson)
Ron McKie
Leo Nice
Katherine Faye Nichols (Walker)
Richard Ostrov
Beverly Patton

Ronald Piper
Maria Querin
Priscilla Reyes
Carol Robeck
Richard Roberts
Judy Roe (Pitta)
Nancy Sartain (Lemmons)
Ermerle Michael Smith
Thomas Spearin
Merritt Springer
William Turner
Linda Vargas (Widmar)
Janet Warren
Jeanne Wegin (Baker)
Linda Whiteman (Googins)
Harriette Patrice Young

If you know how to reach anyone listed please tell them about the reunion and this website or send their contact information to:

Judith Hickman Tannahill:  judi.tannahill@yahoo.com

or Patricia Scheer St. John:  mpstjohn@SBCGlobal.net

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